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The first time I walked into a SFV Roller Derby practice, I immediately walked out.  The sight of 30 or so women in gear and on roller skates racing around the track was just a bit too intimidating for me and so…I turned around and started walking. Alas, someone saw me sneaking away.  After a “Hey, get back over here!”, I was geared up and falling (ok, more like FLAILING) all over the track.  Then my life changed, because roller derby changes lives, ok?

But, it almost didn’t change mine, because, as stated above, I almost walked away!

So, hey, we all get it.  Trying something new can be scary.  Trying a full-contact sport ON ROLLERSKATES can be scary and intimidating and humbling and potentially dangerous without the right guidance.

Well, we’re here to give you that guidance via our new First Date program! Yeah, I know, dates are iffy. Sometimes they’re good. Sometimes they’re bad. Sometimes your brother overflows your toilet and it gushes from the ceiling, and then he comes downstairs all nonchalantly only wearing boxers and a child molester mustache while your date is standing horrified in the living room.  Like I said before, we get it and we’re going to make this as painless and smooth as possible. I promise that this night will not be like all the other nights. It will be the best date, ever.

So come try our freshie program set to roll out on June 4, 2012 at Skateland, and every first Monday thereafter. See what roller derby is all about! Whether you need to learn to skate or need to learn to retire that ol’ “face-meet-wall” method of stopping, WE CAN TEACH YOU ALL THE THINGS!

This is ***RSVP ONLY***, so please email to let us know you’ll be attending and to get more information. We have loaner gear and you can borrow some skates from the rink!

Please note: Practices are now CLOSED to new skaters unless you have attended a First Date.